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Get Off the Guilt Treadmill: It’s Not Your Mamma’s World

old-motherI joke that, because I was raised in a Catholic family, I was given a double dose of guilt at birth. And even before becoming a mother, I carried a certain level of guilt for not living up to the multitude of “expectations” (real or self-imposed) that are set on women today — everything from being the ambitious professional to the ever-available friend to always making my pie crust from scratch (heck, making pie at all).

new-motherThis is a hard time for women who experience guilt at any level. In our magazines, movies and social environments, women are being sold contradictory archetypes — to be professionally successful, but to uphold the feminine standard of beauty, fitness and health, all while fulfilling the traditional role of the ever-present mother in the perfectly decorated home with cookies in the oven. Continue reading


A Queen Bee Doesn’t Have to Sting

When I hear the term “Queen Bee”, I actually think it sounds kind of fun. I think a sparkly tiara and lines of little worker bees to meet my every whim while I direct production of sweet fabulous honey.  But, this week’s Wall Street Journal published an article about “Queen Bees” in the office.  The term here referred to women in the workplace who go to great lengths to maintain their position of power by sabotaging other women. The alarming statistics cited that 45% of U.S. employees surveyed feel bullied in their workplace and that women contribute 40% to that. Continue reading